About this App

TrainKATAKANA : Katakana(カタカナ) Training App

TrainKATAKANA is a training application to learn Japanese character Katakana.
You can also check pronunciation, so you can practice repeatedly "READING + LISTENING + WRITING" with TrainKATAKANA, should be effective.

The main features of TrainKATAKANA are as follows.
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You can easily check the pronunciation of each character on the List Screen, and also practice listening and writing on the Practice Screen.
And you can make sure the pronunciation not only characters, but also words or sentenses.

Stroke Order

On the Practice Screen, you can make sure the stroke order of each character.

Pronunciation Game

Through a pronunciation game, you can check whether you can distinguish pronunciations, or not.
App will show you what pronunciations you cannot distinguish clearly.

Trainable Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting Recognition is implemented on the Practice Screen and Pronunciation Game to judge the characters you have written.
And you use the Training Mode on the Practice Screen, you can register your Handwriting habits and improve the Recognition rate.