How to Use

Thank you for using our App "TrainBPMF", we explain you some features of App and How to use them effectively.
TrainBPMF is a training Language App, you can learn Traditional Chinese character "Zhuyin" with it.


App functions

App has some functions.


App shows you Zhuyin buttons.
If you tap them, you can check the pronunciation of the Zhuyin character.
And if you change tabs, you can find other categories, ex. CONSONANT, VOWEL etc.
The label of categorys is link to wikipedia, you can read the explanations.


If you tapped a Zhuyin button on HOME, then you open DRAW, App will set the character as a default canvas.

You can draw the character on the canvas.

App automatically will recognize what you draw.

If you tap storoke order button, you can make sure the stroke order of the character.

If you tap under writing button, the under writing will be invisible.
On the other hand, you set off under writing, it will be visible.

SHUFFLE(Pronunciation Game)

SHUFFLE is a type of a pronunciation game.
You tap play button, App pronounces a Zhuyin and you guess what it said, then you can draw or choose the character.

From settings, you can select the input type, canvas or keyboard.


You can input characters and the four tones freely.
Then you can make sure the pronunciation of the words or the sentence, that you input, easily.
From settings, you can select the input type, keyboard or IME. IME is depend on your device.

App settings

You can set App according to your usage.

HOME settings

You can choose language(not work on some devices),

voice type,

and button color.

DRAW settings

You can choose training mode.
If you choose training mode, the above area on canvas show you a notation "TRAINING MODE".

In training mode, any writing you wrote can save as matching characters, so that app can understand your writing habit.
So, if the default recognization rate is not so good, you can train app.

If you set on under writing, you can see the under writing on canvas.

SHUFFLE settings

You can choose input type(Keyboard/Handwriting),

and each keyboard layout(Original/Reversed)

If you choose input type "handwriting", App show you handwriting canvas,

if "keyboard", show each keyboard as the current language set(all, vocal, vavel etc.).

you tap start button, and once you listen the sound, the canvas or keyboard will be enabled.


You can choose input type(Keyboard/IME).
If you choose Kezboard, you can choose the layout(Original/Reversed)

And you can set speed and pitch of the pronunciation.
Pronunciation is for reference only, it may not sound natural pronunciation.


It is a blog about Language Lesson, almost written in Japanese.