About this App

TRIMAP : Destination Location Alarm App

TRIMAP is a location alarm that will notify you by sound or vibration when you come near registered destinations or places where you want to drop in.
Location alarms are also called location reminders.
As a general usage of it,


The main features of TRIMAP are as follows.
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Location Alarm (Twice Notification)

TRIMAP is a location alarm to notify you twice when you have registered destinations in advance and come nearby.

Map display, List display

In addition to the map display that makes it easy to check the surrounding information nearby each destination, it is also possible to display a list with a good operability.

Share by QR code

Created spots can be shared by QR code.
Since you can also import spots made by other people, it can be used for various purposes depending on your idea.

As a usage example,
*There is a limit on the amount of information that can be shared at once by the specification of the QR code