About this App

Taiwan has old-fashioned tastes called Guzaowei(古早味).
The cooking method, which has been unchanged since its establishment, takes time and effort to cook, and is still favored by the elderly as a nostalgic taste and by young people as a traditional taste.

The app surveys and introduces local restaurants establishments offering such traditional Taiwanese gastronomy.

The main features are as follows.
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Gourmet information specialized around Monga

Monga(艋舺), which prospered from the earliest in Taipei, is one of the deepest area representing Taiwan.
The night market has developed as a front town around Lungshan Temple(龍山寺), and many long-established restaurants remain.
The area around Ximending(西門町) is famous as a fashionable town, and while it is the source of the latest gourmets, there has diverse values, that coexist many restaurants.
This app introduces restaurants around Monga, where offer traditional Taiwanese gastronomy called Guzaowei(古早味).

Map display, List display

Finding a destination while traveling is one of the pleasures, but at the same time it is a lot of work.
In addition to the map display that makes it easy to check the surrounding information nearby each destination, it is also possible to display a list with a good operability.

Location Alarm (Twice Notification)

If you enable location information, the app will notify you when you are near, so it is safe for travelers who are not familiar with geography.
Notification can be set in two stages according to distance, so it is easy to understand.

* The location information acquired by this app is used for displaying the current location and calculating the distance to the destination.
We does not collect it, so you can use it with confidence.
Please check the privacy policy for information collected by us.