About this App

TRIPLAN : Itinerary Management App

TRIPLAN is an itinerary management application that manages trip plans in general such as flight information, train departure time, meal reservation or sightseeing information etc.
it helps your trip from the planning stage to return home.
Since it is possible to share the itinerary data by QR code, so you can used this App as a communication tool as well at the planning stage.

The main features of TRIPLAN are as follows.


Manage the Whole Steps on the Trip

TRIPLAN will support your travel in various ways, from the planning stage of the trip, during the trip, and after the trip.

Share by QR Code

Export your itinerary as QR code, you can share the itinerary with other people.

When combined with SNS etc., TRIPLAN can be used as a communication tool at the planning stage.
In addition, you can use various usage, like,
*There is a limit on the amount of information that can be shared at once by the specification of the QR code